The luxurious feeling of a new purchase is well known. Everything works smoothly and exactly as intended. Which should remain this way. At ALUQA we aim to keep your boat in perfect order. Each exclusive boat by ALUQA is built with the best materials and technology systems. Of course, in order to preserve this top condition, the boat should be treated with care and serviced regularly.

Obviously, maintenance is integral to caring for your boat and therefore, the ALUQA is supplied with a digital user manual available to view on a tablet. This has an interactive manual and includes all technical and electronic manuals. It is, of course, updated continuously and is accessible without an internet connection.

Your new ALUQA is delivered with a two year maintenance contract including an online maintenance and management system. With this system the technical status can be assessed remotely in order to carry out preventive maintenance in good time. Having consulted with you, we will coordinate the maintenance work through certified partners near to where your boat is moored. This way, your boat will be kept in optimal condition allowing you peace of mind and even more enjoyment from your ALUQA.

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